Adopt a Green

We all know that pitch-marks are the bane of our lives and whilst we realise that it is not just members who play our course we thought we would try something that might bring pitch-marks to the fore front of everyone’s attention and ultimately help reduce the number we see on a daily basis.

What we have done is divided the number of members of the club by the number of greens on the course, listed the names in alphabetical order and produced a spreadsheet that can be found on the club noticeboard or by clicking the link at the end of this text.

The list has put names against greens with the idea being that whichever green your name is assigned to, you are responsible for repairing any pitch-mark that is left un-repaired . 

Every month the Course Manager will let us know which is the best performing green on the course. The green staff already produce some of the best greens in the region for us to play on week in week out, let’s make them pitch mark free and the envy of all those around.

Alphabetical list of names assigned to greens

Green 1 – Adamantos-J Barlow
Green 2 – K Barlow – P Bosher
Green 3 – I Boulter – T Calkin
Green 4 – D Campbell – D Coulson
Green 5 – C Covey – E Devlin
Green 6 – R Devlin – J Farrell
Green 7 – M Finn – Gillespie
Green 8 – D Gingell – R Harman
Green 9 – D Harris – R Hope
Green 10 – B Hopkin – P Jones
Green 11 – T Jones – B Lockyer
Green 12 – A Long – A McNeil
Green 13 – E McNeil – K O’Dell
Green 14 – M Oliver – J Proudfoot
Green 15 – G Purton – J Shanehchi
Green 16 – S Sharrett – M Toothill
Green 17 – P Townsley – C Welch
Green 18 – K Welch – N Young

If you are still not sure which green you are attached to please take a look on the notice board or click here.