I am delighted to tell you that my invitation to members to come and join me on Captain’s Day on August the 8th has been well and truly accepted. The original plan, and hope, was that we would get around 37 teams of 4 making 148 players on the day, but the interest has been such that we now have a record number of entries……..54 teams and 216 players !! I am very grateful to all those that have entered, and I didn’t want to disappoint anyone, and so, to accommodate such a high number of entries, we have had to make some adjustments for the day.

We shall have the first tee off at 7.00 and the last tee off at 14.57 and so, sorry, but those that entered late will either have a very early start or  a rather late one. We shall also tee off at 9 minute intervals instead of 10, and there will be a Starter on the first tee where you will sign in and get the scorecard for your team. Prize giving will also be a little bit later than planned but, nevertheless, I do hope that those good enough to win something will be good enough to turn up to collect their prize.


Looking forward to good weather and a very enjoyable day.

Kind regards,

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