Dear Members,

It’s hard to believe that we are already over half way through the year. Where has the time gone. As we approach the month of August it almost feels that summer is slipping away. I’m sure you would all agree that some more warm and sunny days through the back end of summer would be very welcome.

I would like to congratulate Linda Hunt on winning the Ladies Club Championships and also wish all the competitors the very best of luck for the men’s championships this coming weekend. I hope you have all been enjoying and continue to enjoy our fantastic course. As always the green keeping team have been working tremendously hard and their efforts are obvious and clear to see.

Whilst on the subject of hard work; I would like use this platform to acknowledge the hard work, commitment, enthusiasm, and career ambition of Shaun Woodbridge. Shaun has undertaken his NVQ Level 3 in amenity horticulture and is now near completion. Shaun has dedicated much of his own time to his college work and his efforts were not just noticed by us. BCA College put Shaun’s name forward for the prestigious TORO Student of the year award. It gives me great pleasure to announce that Shaun was one of the regional finalists’

Without meaning to put a damper on the mood, it’s now time for me to alert you to the upcoming course renovations. The course renovations start on Tuesday 10th August and will be finished by the weekend. The greens will be hollow cored with 12 mm tines followed by 40 – 50 tonnes of topdressing. I hope this has not sent too many shivers up your spines. Please be aware that all golf courses or sports facilities will carry out renovations of some description two to three times a year. What we are doing is not unusual and it is most certainly necessary. Without such work the quality of the playing surfaces would ultimately deteriorate.  Please be aware that during this week there will be temporary greens in use. We cannot tell you accurately which or how many temps are in play as this will change throughout the course of the week. The quicker we can get the work done the quicker the recovery. The benefit of carrying out this nature of work at this time of year is ultimately the speed of the recovery. There will be a very quick turn around and the greens will return to their usual splendour in no time whatsoever. A basic overview of why we do what we do is as follows; removal of organic matter by hollow coring and topdressing helps to achieve firmer and faster putting surfaces. It also encourages strong root development which aides in disease prevention, drought resistance, and overall improved playing characteristics. Please note that through the course of the month we will also be renovating the approaches and tees. Course renovations are an extremely busy time and it is hard graft. Please show your support in such times as we are not breaking our backs for the fun of it. It is for your gain!

Fingers crossed for good weather this weekend and once again good luck to you all.

Warm Regards

Christopher Ball

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