As we now enter the later stages of winter I’d like to think that the worst of the weather is behind us. Unfortunately this is probably not the case! Fortunately the recent snow did not stick around for too long and the course remains in good shape.

Now that the greens renovations are complete we are focusing on our winter projects. You may have noticed the woodland management that is taking place on the 8th hole. This work is being carried out for a number of reasons. The main reason is to increase the air flow and light levels to the 8th green. Some further reading on this subject can be found in the course management document. One added advantage of carrying out such work is the impressive views. When playing the 11th hole you can now see glimpses of the 8th green. This adds to the visual spectacle of the course and indeed the game. Specimen trees will remain as most of the clearance is just ground covering scrub. When carrying out such work is vital that we consider the ecological impact on the area. With this in mind: we carry out the work in a way that only enhances the ecological value of the site. After discussion with the BBOWT and the course walk held last May, it was identified that the thinning of selective areas is indeed beneficial to the overall health of the woodland. Having different areas of woodland managed in different ways helps to increase wildlife habitats and adds to the diversity of the site.

By allowing more daylight to the woodland floor, we will encourage more floras such as blue bells and ferns. You may have noticed the wood (eco) piles. By stacking wood in such a way, you encourage a variety of wildlife species. Hazels are being coppiced and protected from deer grazing as instructed by the BBOWT.

It is important to note that we do not intend to manage all the woodland in this manner. As previously mentioned it is important to retain areas of unmanaged woodland. Sound ecology and conservation practice is of paramount importance to our club.

So back to golf; we potentially only have 5-6 weeks before we signs of spring! Let’s keep our fingers crossed for favourable golfing conditions throughout February and March.

Kind Regards

Christopher Ball

Course Manager

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