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Captains Day 2015 

What a great day Saturday was, thank you so much to all the volunteers on the day that helped it run so smoothly. Thank you also to all the members that supported our 2015 Captain (and Fairhurst Champ) Jimmy Farrell by playing in the event. I must say Jim had put on a fantastic prize table for all to play for.

Thank you to Rebe and all the staff for looking after everybody all day from the Captains breakfast to the presentation in the evening.

The results are below for all to see and wonder what if?

Captains Day 2015 Results
  Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Score
1st Place Steve Hill Tom Williams Roger Williams Chris Barlow 104pts (57) OCB
2nd Place Sue Beecroft Jill Edwardes Jill Owen Maureen Dobson 104pts (55) OCB
3rd Place  Ian Worth  Steve Myers Gill Myers Loise Willson 102pts (57) OCB
4th Place Steve Foster James Foster Vaughan Angell Liam Angell 102 (53) OCB
5th Place Martin McAuley Godfrey Boulton Ray Whatley Chris Harrison 101pts (54/39) OCB
6th Place Darren Ditum Wayne Fowler Mark Bradford Mick Batsford 101pts (54/37) OCB
NP on 3rd John Martin (in hole)        
NP on 6th  John Martin (30")        
NP on 9th  Rob Taylor (84")        
NP on 15th Laurence Berry (342cm)        
NP on 17th Matt Brooker (83.5")        
LD on 11th Men Sherlock Holmes        
LD on 11th Lds Hilary Backwell        

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