As many of you will know Newbury & Crookham has a long history with the current course layout having been built in the 1920’s long before we had the irrigation systems that we have today. The greens back then were built using a layer of clay under the surface to retain moisture during the summer months, this of course made them susceptible to becoming too wet during the winter months. To overcome this problem and in an effort to produce playable surfaces all year round the club has decided to install the latest innovation in soil drainage technology into 5 of its worst performing greens.

Greens 3, 4, 7, 12 & 15 have had the PC Drainage system installed this week (commencing Mon Aug 13th). The green staff are working very hard towards their recovery and the greens will not take too long settle back into their usual condition but thank you for your patience whilst they do so.

Please take a look at the video below which shows the installation process and before and after pictures of the results.

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