Hole 3

Hole 3

Quick Stats
Par 3 160 Yards (W) S.I. 16 Avg. Score 3.74 (W)

Hole 3

One of the loveliest par 3's in golf. Playing from an elevated tee down to a large green can sometimes make club selection tricky. Take one more if you're not sure. If you're short you will face a difficult chip up a bank - if you're too long, you're out of bounds. Take care not to tangle with the giant Oak tree that is guarding the front right section of the green and look out for the bluebells during spring. Having hit the target from the tee you will find the green slopes heavily from right to left making your birdie putt no easy feat.

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Tee Box Yardage

White - 160 Yards S.I. 16 Yellow - 141 Yards S.I. 16 Red - 127 Yards S.I. 18

Pro's Tip

"Always difficult to judge club selection. Take one more if you're not sure".

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