Hole 4

Quick Stats
Par 4 399 Yards (W) S.I. 6 Avg. Score 5.10 (W)

Hole 4

A selection of tees stepping down to the fairway provide a number of options. The competition tee is elevated creating a lovely view through a narrow corridor of trees but the carry to the fairway is not for the feint hearted. Once the fairway is found a mid iron approach to the green is no push over. The narrow two tiered green make accuracy key. When the flag is on the back tier club selection is paramount, to over shoot the green would leave a chip shot of great difficulty.

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Tee Box Yardage

White - 399 Yards S.I. 6 Yellow - 372 Yards S.I. 6 Red - 312 Yards S.I. 13

Pro's Tip

"An accurate, medium iron is required to locate a narrow green.".

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