Hole 6

Quick Stats
Par 3 125 Yards (W) S.I. 18 Avg. Score 3.58 (W)

Hole Description

The shortest par 3 on the course but by no means the easiest with a tricky ‘up and down’ should you miss the green from the tee. The green is very narrow at the front widening the further back it goes. Although only 125 yards the wind can play havoc with club selection. Leave the tee shot short and you have an awkward chip or bunker shot, pull the tee shot left and the chip is just as awkward, in the summer months it will take great skills to keep your ball on the green from here. The easiest pin placement is at the back middle part of the green where a tee shot will feed in to the hole from the left. If in doubt, take one more club than you think.

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Tee Box Yardage

White - 125 Yards S.I. 18 Yellow - 119 Yards S.I. 18 Red - 114 Yards S.I. 16

Pro's Tip

"Large bunkers lurking short of the green need taking out of play with plenty of club".

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