The Annual International competition took place on Saturday for the first time since 2019. Ten teams of eight players represented the country of their birth, with a little bit of ‘artistic licence’.

With scores of all for pairs in the team counting towards the overall team score there was the added pressure of not wanting to let team mates down.

The Irish team stood up to that pressure with 3 of the 4 pairs scoring over 40 points. Only two of the 10 teams failed to have a pair score 40 points or more but one of them finished in 3rd place.

The winning team scored a team total of 158, Philip Piper and James Horswill 40pts, Matt Dean and Danny Pearce 35pts, Hugh Whorriskey and Hugh Turley 42pts and George Todd and Craig Pearce 41pts.

The second placed team were John Johnstone and Tom Williams 40pts, Mandy Burton and Steve Burton 35pts, Janice Paulin and Colin Gray 44pts and Kevin Dunks and Alison Salvadori 37pts.

The third placed team were Dave Middlemass and Jim Wilson 39pts, Julian Scott and Ross Wilson 37pts, Gordon Douglas and Dave Lyons 38pts and Tod Jones and Tom Ponton 37pts.

The pair with the lowest betterball score of the day was Janice Paulin and Colin Gray with 44pts.


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