Development Update

Following on from our previous update and the presentation of the development drawings on our web site and notice board, various email comments have been received from members with regards to the layout and design of the proposed new clubhouse. The members of the Committee have noted the comments, particularly those related to the changing rooms, and have reviewed the design. In addition, a worldwide shortage of building materials resulting in a significant increase in building costs has compelled us to look at the cost structure of the new clubhouse, ensuring that we keep it in within budget.
This has resulted in the following proposed changes to the design. • The width of the whole clubhouse has decreased by around 5m in total (east to west). The spike bar & the lounge bar have been reduced in size, but, and in particular, the lounge bar and the dining room are now designed to ‘overlap’ their uses through the use of moveable partitioning. The spike bar is reduced by approximately c.1.3m and the lounge bar by c.2.6m, but with the overlap to the dining room the lounge bar can feel bigger.
• The Professional’s Shop and buggy store will remain within their current locations, albeit with some cosmetic changes to the building. We would prefer the Professional’s shop to be at the front of the building and if we can find a way of achieving that we will do so.
• The male and female changing rooms have now moved to the front of the building, and are fully integrated with the main clubhouse building.
• Administrative offices have been relocated to accommodate the changing rooms. • There are changes to the car parking areas occasioned by the retention of the two residential units, which are the existing House Manager’s house and the flat.
A new copy of the design is available on the club website and also in the clubhouse for your information. The Committee will now finalise our planning application based on the new design, which takes into account the majority of comments made by members.
We have carried out all the necessary surveys, obtained reports and are in the process of finalising the planning statement for submission. The planning committee has been working non-stop to complete all the necessary documentation and we anticipate that the planning application will be submitted within the next four weeks to West Berkshire Council.
We readily acknowledge that the process has taken much longer than anticipated. However, we cannot emphasise enough the importance of accuracy and completeness in the planning documentation if we are to be successful.

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